I’m a Publishing Associate at BenBella Books, a wonderful publishing boutique in Dallas, where I develop and edit cover copy, help manage vendor web listings, and assist authors with endorsement outreach. I’m lucky to be a part of this great team!

Prior to this, I was a NutriGram Associate at The Cooper Institute, a non-profit medical research organization, where I edited technical articles, presentations, handouts, legal documents, photos, and other materials. Many of these materials were part of the development and promotion of The Quest to Lava Mountain, an adventure video game designed to educate children about nutrition.

Several years back, right out of college, I gained valuable experience as a contracted editor at Prudential Asset Resources, an international financial company, where I undertook an overhaul of their form letters and internal policy documents. I edited and updated these materials for grammar, clear wording, and consistency.

While pursuing my BA in Advertising at The University of Texas at Arlington, I worked for three years as a writing tutor in the library’s Writing Center. Prior to that rewarding job, I wrote for my university’s daily newspaper, The Shorthorn, gaining experience both as a reporter and as an award-winning opinion columnist. I also minored in journalism and enjoyed newspaper staff in high school; I often feel I’ll always secretly be a journalist at heart.



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